LIFE-IP ZENAPA kick of conference at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

In the presence of government representatives from Luxembourg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and North Rhine-Westphalia the official start of the project was announced on 30th March 2017.

The LIFE-IP ZENAPA kick-off conference took place in front of around 300 participants. First project successes in the field of electro mobility, such as the converted Land Rover, were presented to the press. Furthermore, additional project steps and proposals for initiation of projects were introduced to the participants. The event was complemented by an exhibition, which provided test objects and information on the topics electro mobility, up-cycling, electrical working devices, species protection, etc.

At the press conference, accompanied the kick-off conference, the government representatives and responsible persons of the partners unanimously pointed out, that LIFE-IP ZENAPA, with its complexity as well as its different partners and fields of action, will release important regional development impulses. All partners are convinced, that the project will resolve conflicting goals between climate-, nature- and species protection and the requirements of the transformation of the energy sector. Alongside Prof. Dr. Peter Heck, the LIFE-IP ZENAPA conference was attended by Mr. Bernd Decker as a representative of the European Commission, the Minister of Environment of Luxembourg Carole Dieschbourg, the Minister of Environment of Saarland Reinhold Jost, the Minister of Environment of Rhineland-Palatinate Dr. Thomas Griese, Head of Section Dr. Martin Woike from the Ministry of Environment of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Director of the National Park Authority, Dr Harald Egidi as well as the Director of the Foundation for Nature and Environment Rhineland-Palatinate Jochen Krebühl.

The following day, all project partners and representatives of the partner regions met for their first work meeting.

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