Hands-on in Wilhelm Ostwald Park in Großbothen

On 1 June, Wilhelm Ostwald Park once again invited young naturalists to “Experiment in the Park” in Großbothen. At numerous stations, children, educators, teachers and families could playfully explore STEM topics and experiment with scientific laws. Alongside many other educational and cultural institutions, the Geopark Porphyrland. Steinreich in Sachsen e.V. together with Geowerkstatt Leipzig e.V. the Geoportal Mügeln and the LEADER-funded ZENAPA complementary project “Prima Klima” of the Umweltinstitut Leipzig e.V. organised a joint stand with hands-on activities on the topics of earth history, raw materials and climate change. The “Experiment in the Park” event attracted more than 830 registered children from 20 day-care centres and primary schools as well as numerous other families and interested parties, making it a complete success. Caption: Pupils and their teacher playfully explore the world of minerals as part of a memory game | Copyright: Geopark Porphyrland

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