The project aims at the CO2e neutrality of large protected areas, including national parks, biosphere reserves, nature parks and their surrounding regions. The main objective is the implementation of national and European climate protection targets (CAP 2020 and CPP 2050), considering national and European biodiversity and bio-economic strategies.

What does ZENAPA want to achieve?

Through investment measures, campaigns and complementary measures, LIFE-IP ZENAPA has set itself the following objectives in the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and land use:

  • 59 MWp of photovoltaics + 5 storage facilities
  • 100,000 LED lamps
  • 1,200 e-vehicles, 16 charging stations, 2 e-mobility centres
  • 3,300 m² of insulation measures (including bat protection concept)
  • 25 energy villages with local heating network
  • 16 local heating networks
  • 2,600 ha of sustainable land use (hedges, low carbon meat, organic farming, cultivation diversity)

This results in the following effects:

triggered investments
regional added value
jobs created
greenhouse gas abatement
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