Vegetable carbon trials at TUK progressing

Group picture of the cooperation partners Ralf Pennther-Hager, Vincent Mankiewicz, Lars Temme, Rainer Wirth, Sara Mohr and
Jan Leonardt (from left to right) | 
©Rainer Wirth

On 27 July, an information board was installed in the botanical garden of the Department of Biology at the TU Kaiserslautern to inform visitors about the plant carbon study taking place there. Afterwards, an exchange took place between the cooperation partners of the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park and the TU Kaiserslautern. The plant ecology team (Head: Dr. Rainer Wirth, Master’s student: Sara Mohr, Bachelor’s student: Jan Leonhardt) of the Department of Molecular Botany and Ralf Pennther-Hager (gardening team), had recently spared no effort and laid out areas for over 600 experimental plants. Results so far indicate that soil containing plant charcoal can increase the growth rate and water content of some of the vegetable varieties studied. In addition to modern high-performance varieties, traditional varieties such as the dry bean “Schwarze Kugel” are also used in the study. LIFE IP ZENAPA is committed not only to avoiding emissions, but also to creating newCO2 sinks by storing carbon in the soil over the long term.

Trial plot | © Vincent Mankiewicz
Austausch der Projektpartner
Exchange of project partners | ©Vincent Mankiewicz
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