Accompanying the sorting test (air seperation) of an industrial mixed plastic fraction at Herbold Meckesheim GmbH

In June 2021, the German partners of the TRANSFORM-CE project (IfaS and bCircular) were guests at the technical centre of Herbold Meckesheim GmbH. The company specialises in machines and systems for plastics recycling. The main focus is on the one hand the shredding, fine grinding and compacting (agglomeration) of clean production waste and on the other hand the recycling of used, mixed and contaminated waste by washing, separating and drying. The goal was to prepare a mixed plastic fraction (PP, PE and rubber). The material contains some foreign matter such as PPK, rubber gaskets, cross-linked foams) for NIR flake sorting at Steinert Unisort GmbH. The fraction was then sent to Steinert Unisort GmbH in Zittau for subsequent flake sorting. In the long term, the high-value fractions of the mixed plastics fraction are to be fed into a high-quality recycling process.

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