Paper “Effects of Solar Farms on Biodiversity”

Within the framework of the EU-funded project LIFE-IP ZENAPA (Zero Emission Nature Protection Areas), a short presentation on the topic “Effects of Solar Farms on Biodiversity” has been published.

Currently, climate change is one of the greatest threats to the world’s biodiversity, and species are also under pressure due to habitat loss. Large solar farms play an important role in the transition of our energy production from fossil fuels to renewable energy. At the same time, even when a solar park is built, land use is always in competition with other forms of use, both for nature conservation and agricultural production. However, a variety of solutions and ideas now exist to promote biodiversity on the land of a solar park while at the same time not jeopardising the competitiveness of the plants on the market. The use of agri-photovoltaics is also becoming increasingly important. In the paper, different possibilities for creating a symbiosis between solar park yield and biodiversity protection are highlighted. In line with the ZENAPA philosophy that the conservation goals of climate, nature and species protection do not contradict each other, but can be achieved cooperatively, the authors agree that such symbiotic concepts can already be implemented in practice today.

Download “Effects of Solar Farms on Biodiversity”

The paper has also been published in German: „Einflüsse von Solarparks auf die Biodiversität“

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