Species protection & climate-friendly roof refurbishment Hofgut Neumühle

Fertig sanierte Geschossdecke, mit OSB-Platten verlegt zur Begehbarkeit | © Bezirksverband Pfalz

Article image: Finished renovated storey ceiling, laid with OSB boards for walkability | © Bezirksverband Pfalz

At the Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt für Viehhaltung Hofgut Neumühle, the top floor ceiling in the “Altes Internat” building was insulated with blow-in insulation made of recycled cellulose fibres. One reason for choosing cellulose as an insulating material was the statics; the material should be as light as possible so as not to impair the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling. The roof area of 240 m² in the building, which houses trainees as well as seminar, office and social rooms, is also home to a summer colony of bats. In order not to disturb them and to guarantee their “re-entry”, work was carried out in winter and with non-outgassing materials. This measure was coordinated and implemented by the ZENAPA partner Bezirksverband Pfalz.

The Bezirksverband Pfalz

The Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen biosphere reserve is one of the largest contiguous forest areas in Europe. As the responsible body for the German part of the biosphere reserve, the Pfalz District Association is particularly concerned with making climate protection compatible with nature. In doing so, ecological, economic and social concerns are given equal consideration. Therefore, the Pfalz District Association is an active partner of the EU-LIFE project ZENAPA.

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